Breo Item ID: #2295

GREEN – Neg Ion Wave Silicone Sports Watch (FREE POUCH & TOOL) with comfortable band. Waterproof / water resistant. Ion wristwatch – negative ions Imazine w/ far infrared ray and minus ion emitted from tourmaline and minus ion power.

Product Information:

  • Color Green – Other colors available : “CD WATCH COLORS”
  • Water Proof, Negative (Minus) Ion, Sports watch.
  • 8″ inch band – No clasp!
  • Watch setting tool included!
  • Negative Ion Wave Imazine : ion sports watch / ion watch / silicone watch

Item Description

TO SET THE WATCH : Do NOT remove rear button covers. Gently use a pen or stylus tip to select mode with top button, and use bottom button to increase hours, minutes, etc. Do NOT use a sharp object (i.e. needle), doing so may puncture a hole in the silicone and cause water to seep inside the watch. When you adjust the month, date, or time, simply keep pressing the TOP button “A” until the desired figure appears and press the BOTTOM button “M” to adjust. You may also press “M” (bottom button) to view the date.