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Orient Men’s CEM65001B ‘Black Mako’ Automatic Dive Watch

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Product Information:

  • Quality Japanese Automatic movement; functions without a battery; powers automatically with the movement of your arm
  • Solid stainless-Steel Bracelet
  • Screwed-Down Crown
  • Rotating bezel
  • Water-resistant to 660 feet (200 M)

Item Description

This diver series is the most popular collection that Orient has to offer. A feature that makes this model into a professional diver watch is its water-resistance of up to 200 meters. This is perfect for you if you enjoy scuba diving on your vacations to Hawaii. You will notice that this watch combines the timeless design of the dial with the sporty look of the bezel to create a work of art.

This collection of diver watch is all mechanical. What this means is that it runs on the spring of the watch. When the diver watch is worn, it will automatically store power in the spring. Hence the name, automatic watches.

The dial for this watch comes with both day and date indicators located at the 3 o’clock position. The day indicator is adjusted by unscrewing the push-button, located on the 2 o’clock position, and pushing the button for the specific day. The date indicator is adjusted by the crown (time-setting piece) located on the 3 o’clock position.

This watch has a two-level crown which adjusts both the time and the date. The 1st level corresponds to the time while the 2nd level corresponds to the date. To adjust either level, you must first loosen the screw-down crown. The purpose of a screw-down crown is so that water does not enter the case. Not only does the crown have shoulders for added protection, but it also has the official orient logo engraved on the crown.

Another attribute that adds to the value of this watch is its unidirectional bezel. The purpose of this feature is so that you can adjust the time bezel to the minute hand to see how many minutes have gone by. The time hands, as well as the hour indicators, are both luminescent. This allows for the owner to view the time during the evening.

The band for this series comes in either stainless steel metal or black urethane. In the metal band variation, the links come in matte finish. You will notice the double-locking clasp and how it gives added protection so that the watch does not come off inadvertently. Unlike the metal band, the urethane variation comes in a deployment clasp.

Since this collection is so popular, Orient offers a total of 8 variations to this watch : 4 with metal bands and 4 with urethane bands. Within the metal bands, there are different dial and bezel colors : black dial on black bezel, blue dial on blue bezel, blue dial on blue/orange bezel, and orange dial on black bezel. Likewise, the urethane band variation has different dial and bezel colors : black dial on black bezel, blue dial on blue/orange bezel, blue dial on blue bezel, and orange dial on black bezel.