Steinhausen Item ID: #10927

Pocket Money Clip Clips/watch (Silver)

Product Information:

  • New spring holder keeps everthing in place until you remove it
  • Scratch-proof sapphire glass
  • Comes in silver finish
  • 2.75 x 1.75 inches
  • 1.6 oz.

Item Description

The newly designed Pocket Clip/Watch holds up to five credit cards on one side and all the green you need on the other side. Its heavy-duty metallic construction guarantees it will never break, tear, rip, or show wear. Best of all, the patented hold design makes it impossible to lose a card. Take one out and the rest remain secured in place thanks to the new spring holder we’ve added. Flash you driver’s license and pull out your Gold cards or Franklins with no fumbling through billfolds or handbags. You know it’s a quality product because it’s got the Steinhausen name and a watch with scratch-proof glass. Face it : You hate wallets. They don’t last. The look tattered almost immediately. And they’re so disorganized that you have to fumble with it every time someone asks for your ID. Not anymore. This is for the well-respected man.