Steinhausen Item ID: #10920

Steinhausen Swiss MOVT Chronograph Watch TW482S

Product Information:

  • scratch-proof glass Swiss design
  • Swiss parts and movement guaranteed for 5 years
  • flip-digit displays showing the day of week and date of month
  • Sapphie crystal crown
  • elegant gift box and authentication card

Item Description

NEW! Combine the traditions and demanding standards of a Steinhausen and Swiss technology with a chronograph and get the latest innovation : The Steinhausen Swiss Design Watch.

Measure time better with the Steinhausen Swiss Design Watch, the first in the Steinhausen line to include a chronograph. Chronographs have been around since 1822 and as part of wristwatches since 1933. Now, in addition to the craftsmanship, style and quality you have come to expect from a Steinhausen, we have added our own chronograph. The dial at 3 o’clock ticks off the 60 seconds in a minute. The dial at 6 o’clock lists the minutes, and the dial at 9 o’clock shows the hours, up to 10. Now you can time your exercise and rest intervals or check your heart rate. The Swiss Design Watch is the perfect watch to do this because, as an automatic watch, it keeps accurate time with the kinetic movement of your body. And with it encased in an award-winning design, you’re sure to receive attention and compliments with the Swiss Design Watch. Plus, as with all Steinhausens, the Swiss Design Watch is handmade with Swiss parts and movement that is guaranteed for five years. The Swiss Design Watch also includes scratch-proof glass, flip-digit displays showing the day of week and date of month; and a safe chemical that brightly illuminates the watch hands. A Sapphire crystal has been included on the crown, and the Swiss Design Watch comes in a handsome box, along with a card certifying its authenticity. And as with all Steinhausen automatic watches, the Swiss Design Watch never needs batteries or winding. Until now, most of us couldn’t afford a timepiece of such masterful style and quality. Be the first to wear this remarkable new addition to the world-famous Steinhausen line.